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Requesting Prayers for our Troops

St. George Orthodox Military Association (SGOMA) would like to help you get out your prayer requests for your loved one, friends, colleges, or a general prayer request for all of our Orthodox Troops. To submit a Prayer request, email us with the specific prayer request. You can make your prayer request autonomously, or exclude names or identifying information about the person you are praying for if you would like. Otherwise please include with your prayer request: your name, who/what you are praying for, and any additional information you would like to supply with your request.

As prayer requests are received they will be added to the SGOMA website usually within 24 hours.

Please visit our Prayer Page often and include these prayers in your daily prayers. Thank you.

Submit your Prayer Request


  • 04-16-11 - Please Pray for LTC John Penree who is currently deployed for one year to Afghanistan.

  • 04-10-11 - Please pray for MAJ Christopher Ghiz and his subordinate NCOs and Soldiers who are currently deployed to Iraq with the U.S. Army's XVIII Airborne Corps "SkyDragons"
  • 04-05-11 - Please pray for Matt Miglautsch who left today for Basic Training in the US Air Force.  Please pray for strength, health of body, soul and mind and for a successful completion of his training.
  • 03-02-11 - Please pray for PFC John Evans, son on SSG Geoffrey Evans, currently deployed to Afghanistan with the 101st Airborne

  • 12-2-10 - Please pray for the Marines of Darkhorse 3/5

  • 11-24-10 - Please pray for Nick, who is returning from Afghanistan, for health in body, soul and mind.

  • 10-20-10 - Please keep Dimitri in your prayers. Dima is a Marine serving out of Okinawa... he is currently deployed on a ship out the Phillipines. There is a super Typhoon headed toward the Phillipines. Please preay for Dima's safe deliverance and that of his ship. Please also remember the Phillipine people too.

  • 10-10-10 - Please pray for CPT Nicholas Bell currently deployed to Afghanistan .

  • 10-03-10 - Please pray for Mathew who prays " heal me of the discomfort i face physically. keep all evil people and influence out of our lives.the fierce prowling lion around our lives may be warded of by St George."
  • 9-27-10 - Please pray for Eric & Oksana as they continue their current assignment, and they ask for you to keep all deployed service members and their families in your prayers.
  • 9-1-10 - Please pray for Father Jerome Cwiklinski, USN Orthodox Chaplain, who is going TDY to Qatar and Afghanistan from September 6th to the 20th. Please pray for smooth and safe travels as he travels to serve our Orthodox Troops overseas.
  • 8-29-10 - Please pray for Jared who is returning to Iraq for his second deployment there. Jared asks us to please pray for his safety but more so for his soul and salvation.
  • 08-02-10 - Please pray for  the 28th Combat Support Hospital deployed again in support of OIF/OEF since September 2009.  May the limitless Grace of our Lord be funneled through the healing hands of these Soldiers.
  • 07-22-10 - Please pray for Richard. He is traveling home for a visit from the Middle East.
  • 06-05-10 - Please pray for Colin as he continues his deployment
  • 06-05-10 - Please pray for Beau, as he is deployed to a combat zone and just found out his deployment has been extended.
  • 05-28-10 - Please pray for Robert's Son who is deployed with the U.S. Army National Guard to Afghanistan, that his tour of duty will be a safe one and that he will return home soon, happy and healthy!

  • 05-1-10 - Please pray for Fr. Theodosius' son in law Robert who serves in an Army special operations unit, his grandson Brandon who serves in the Marine, and his daughter Alda who serves in the Navy.
  • 03-20-10 - Please pray for Andrew, for traveling mercies. He has been honorably discharged from the Air Force after 6 years of proud service in the EOD field. He is traveling cross country coming home. Please pray for his safe and speedy journey.

  • 02-16-10 - Julie on the SGOMA Facebook Fan Page has asked for this new and urgent prayer request: "The 3/6 Kilo Co is in dire need for prayers at this time. They are cut off from the other platoons and surrounded by Taliban. Our boy, Kevin, is listed in the enclosed article. They need our prayers more than anything now. They're running low on ammunition and water. Lord, they are in your most capable hands."
  • 02-12-10 - Julie on the SGOMA Facebook Fan Page Requests the following prayer: " I humbly ask for prayers for my son, Kevin, and the other soldiers currently fighting in Operation Moshtarak. May God protect them."
  • 01-28-10 - Today is the 40th day of repose for PFC Serge Kropov, USMC. We heard from Serge's Mother yesterday and she thanks everyone for keeping him and their family in your prayers. Chaplains and Priests if possible could please do a Panikhida for Serge today, which would be very much appreciated by the Kropov Family. For all other SGOMA Members and our supporters, please keep Serge and the Kropov Family in your prayers, especially today as we mark his 40th day of repose. The SGOMA will offer a panikhida for Serge today (Thursday the 28th) at noon, at St. Anthony of the Desert Orthodox Mission in Las Cruces , NM . All in the area are welcome to attend. Memory Eternal! Vechnaya Paymat!
  • 01-14-10 - Please pray for our Armed Services Men and Women as they respond to the humanitarian disaster in Haiti. May God keep them safe during there travels and keep them out of harms way while they help the neediest people suffering from this natural disaster .
  • 01-14-10 - Please pray for the very small Orthodox community, St. Herman of Alaska Chapel, on Camp Hovey (USMC) in South Korea.
  • 01-07-10 - Please keep our Troops in your prayers as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior on this the Nativity of Christ according to the old calendar (Julian).
  • 12-28-09 - Please pray for the blessed repose of Serge Kropov, PFC, USMC who died in Afghanistan on December 21st, 2009, and was buried at St. Tikhon's Monastery Cemetery. My God grant comfort and healing to his family and friends. Memory Eternal!

Saint George Pray for our Troops.