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The Saint George Orthodox Military Association Resource Page is designed as a one stop area for Orthodox Service Members and their Dependents to find information about Orthodoxy and available resources especially provided to the Service Members of the US Armed Forces. If you know of any additional resources that should be listed here, please email us and let us know. We will happily add any additional information.

NEW: Free Orthodox Military New Testament

Through the grace and the kindness of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and the Orthodox Marketplace the Saint George Orthodox Military Association (SGOMA) has 120 Orthodox Military New Testaments to give out for free to our Troops, their Dependents, Retirees and U.S. Armed Forces Veterans.

The SGOMA will mail out the Orthodox Military New Testament to any U.S. Active Duty, Reserve or Guardsman for FREE . No cost for the book or the shipping! To request your free Orthodox Military New Testament please email us with: your name, rank, service branch, and mailing address.

The SGOMA will mail out the Orthodox Military New Testament to any Dependents, Retirees and Veterans of U.S. Armed Forces for a  small donation to cover the cost of postage only ($3.50). The book is a free gift from GOARCH & SGOMA. For Military Dependents, Retirees and Veterans to request their free Orthodox Military New Testament please email us with: your name, sponsors name (for dependents) & service branch, and your mailing address.

About the Orthodox Military New Testament:

The New Testament and Psalms in a pocket size volume - ideal to pack and carry. The Orthodox Military New Testament also includes devotional morning and evening prayers, a page to list the living and the dead for prayer, 8 full-color icon plates, and a devotional piece on the ten commandments and integrity in military service.

The New Testament & Psalms for Orthodox Christians Military Edition is developed with the Standing Conference of the Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas (SCOBA) for distribution to the Orthodox Christian men and women of the armed services all over the world. Biblical text is the RSV.

The American Bible Society has graciously underwritten the costs of production for this Bible. Therefore, the full cost of this Bible is donated to the efforts of the American Bible Society towards Orthodox Christian projects.

U.S. Army One Source:

Army OneSource is the one source for information about programs, services and opportunities available for the entire Army Family.

Now you can get questions about the Army answered 24 hours a day by a human, not a computer-generated voice. The service is called "Army One Source," and it went into effect August 15, 2003.

Army One Source is a 24/7 toll-free telephone number designed to provide information and referrals to Soldiers, as well as deployed civilians and their families. And it is now fully operational for Army installations and Army Reserve components worldwide.

From the United States, callers can dial (800) 464-8107. From outside the United States, callers should dial the appropriate access code to reach a U.S. number and then (800) 464-81077. All eleven digits must be dialed. Hearing-impaired callers should use (800) 364-9188, while Spanish speakers can dial (800) 832-9020.

"There are no phone trees or menus, and the phones are answered by people," said Carla Cary, Advocacy Program specialist at the U.S. Army Community and Family Services Center. "The overseas toll-free number has an extra digit. That digit identifies the call as toll-free. From countries where toll-free calls are not available, customers are able to call collect."

Army One Source is staffed by consultants who hold master's degrees in social work or psychology. The consultants can talk about a variety of subjects, including parenting, TRICARE, childcare, relocation, finances, legal issues, elder education, and everyday household matters. And, while they won't answer questions on Army administrative and personnel issues, they will direct callers to the proper place to get help with pay problems and career questions. They also can provide callers information regarding programs closest to them geographically.

"This service supplements our existing family programs. It does not replace any programs," explained Cary. "It is our attempt to broaden our service delivery." The service also is available to the immediate families of Soldiers.

"The staff knows the Army, and they know who is eligible to use Army services and receive benefits," added Cary. "If a parent calls and he or she is not eligible to use Army programs, the consultants will have information regarding what may be available in the civilian community."

The staff also will have bilingual (Spanish, Korean and German) and multicultural capabilities.

"The Army recognizes that deployments are tough on everyone, and that homecoming is potentially the most difficult phase of deployment," said Cary. "This service should provide a boost to Soldiers as they integrate back into their home communities, and to family morale."

Army OneSource can be found online at:

and on Facebook at:!/ArmyOneSource

As well as on your iPhone. Look for Army OnceSource apps in the iTunes App Store.

Want to make an easy and quick difference for our Troops?

Check our Greenbeans Coffee's "Cup of Joe for Joe."

In their travels to the forward operating bases throughout the Mid East, they personally heard from Soldiers that feel isolated from, and forgotten by, people back home.

Their goal is to mobilize a movement, through "Cup Of Joe For A Joe", to enable any American, anywhere in the world, to reach out, let a Soldier know they care, and say “thanks”.


"CUP OF JOE FOR A JOE" gives everyone an opportunity to express their support for our men and women in uniform through the simple act of buying a cup of premium organic coffee and having it delivered along with their own personalized message of thanks to a Soldier serving overseas.

With your help, we can raise awareness for this wonderful program, but more importantly, brighten the day for a Soldier serving far from home.

Cup of Joe is web-based, takes only a few minutes to complete and costs less than the spare change in one’s pocket.

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